Who is Yashovardhan?

I am Yashovardhan , or Yasho as my friends and family call me. I was born on 20th September 2004 in India .Today I live in Vlaardingen, Netherlands with my parents and my younger brother, Sudeep. I heard from my parents that I also lived in Germany as a baby. For couple of years in between, I was in India with my mom and grandparents. I came back to live with my father in Netherlands when I was about 4 years old. Netherlands has become my home ever since.
My younger brother, Sudeep was born in 2012 . Funny thing is, when Sudeep was a baby, I used to think him as a doll. I slowly learned that Sudeep is really my brother. Today we share toys and sometimes we fight with each other for the same toy.

Early years

I was born in 2004 to Prasad and Lakshmi. My dad is a research scientist and my mom is a home maker. I would describe them as very enthusiastic people – particularly very enthusiastic about Telugu. They got me hooked to Telugu movies and I enjoy them very much.
When I was 11 months old, I relocated to India with my mom, and I was under intensive physiotherapy for more than 2 years. But I missed my dad a lot. During those days, it was my grandparents who helped me get my mind out of all these things and helped me be happy. I cherish those happy moments spent with my family, and specially celebrating “DIWALI” with lot of fireworks.

Typical School day

I started going to school - Mytylschool de Brug. Within a year, I was fluent in dutch – even to the surprise of my speech therapist, thanks to my teachers.
I get up at 7 am my mom helps me with morning routine works (washing, tooth brushing, dressing and clean up) along with a help lady. My mom gets my bag ready and drops me off to school around 8 am.
I have lot of friends in my school and love playing and spending time with them. My therapists – physio, speech and occupational- help me and teach me new tips and tricks. I love them all and wouldn’t miss a day at school.
I get back home and mom runs a bath. I watch some cartoons – Cars is my favorite . I don’t really like to eat – so I have external feeding tube which is connected to my stomach.
When it is time for bed, I would like to listen to stories from my dad. Cars, Lion King and Peter pan stories are some of my favorites these days.


Travelling is in my blood and trains are my favorite. I like to visit amusement parks , aquariums and zoo the best. My favorite places are Efteling and Duinrell. We traveled to Disneyland Paris in 2010, and met Mickey Mouse, Donald duck and Goofy. Most memorable thing in my trip was that Donald duck garlanded me – Mission accomplished.
Telugu is spoken at home but I am more comfortable in Dutch, especially for making jokes. I have been actively participating in skits at my school and I create skits as well.

What I dream of

I want to get my physical skills back, like cycling and walking. I want to travel more, meet my family and friends. I want to become a presenter in television and also like to become an actor in the future. I dream of a future where I can take this foundation forward and help kids with rare diseases be diagnosed and treated quicker.